(Ch Amazon Black Sabbath At Purroma x Zavanna Bang Tango For Monarkle)

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Pedigree of Monarkle Satellite Kid






CH Amazon Black Sabbath At Purroma JW

CH Khaneve Gold N Child At Amazon

CH Amazon Oh What A Knight

CH Amazon Sound Machine

CH Amazon Brahms N Lizt

Maelstrom Mor Than A Feeling At Amazon

Amazon Almost An Angel

CH Holtzburg Mayhem

CH Zordia Magic Moments At Amazon

Khaneve Dolly Day Dream

CH Khaneve Judgement Day

CH Sallate Ferris

Dizown You Got It At Khaneve

Estridge Double Dare At Tirana

CH Holtzburg Mayhem

CH Dizown Hello Darlin From Estridge

Amazon Infatuation At Purroma

CH Jowendy Dr Feelgood For Amazon

CH Nearctic Nick The Biscuit

Nearctic Big In Japan

Jowendy Hooligan V Holtzburg

Jowendy Strikes Again

Dobermoray April Fool

CH Jowendy Wild Child

Gravin Farrah V T Oranje Stam At Amazon DUT IMP

DUT CH Danyo V T Nordse Veld

INT CH Machico V Les Deux Peupliers

Aida V T Nordse Veld

UV CH Ziggy V Frankenhorst

Marienburg Dark Daimler

WORLD CH Golda V Frankenhorst

Zavanna Bang Tango For Monarkle

CH Amazon Dark Angel JW

Metexa Murphys Surprise

Metexa Made In Heaven

Metexa Milwalki Mustang

Metexa Moving Pictures

Lina V Hagenstern GER IMP

WORLD CH Hertog Conan V Manensheide

Kitty V Hagenstern

Amazon Almost An Angel

CH Holtzburg Mayhem

CH Perihelias Resolution

CH Dizown I Can Boogie Too At Holtzburg

CH Zordia Magic Moments At Amazon

CH Dizown Street Legal

Findjans Shelada Of Zordia

Arcana Fantasy For Zavanna

Andalucia Me And My Shadow

CH Jowendy Kilowatt

CH Holtzburg Mayhem

CH Jowendy Into Jazz

Andalucia Disco Queen JW

IR CH Andalucia Great Expectation JW

Andalucia Eastern Star

Andalucia Koo Ka Choo Of Arcana

INT CH Pampisford Promise Of Glory Of Helmlake

Lexa Aldo

CH Pampisford Pepper

Andalucia Whizz Kid JW

Rosecroft By The Way To Bilsam AM IMP

Wild Amber Star To Andalucia