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I have now appeared as an extra in many movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and UK Indy productions.

As an actor i have appeared in many student films and a few UK Indy movies and several pilot episodes of future TV sitcoms.

Below is a list of my credits so far :


Firrkie : Fight crowd extra

Tad Bad Dad (Pilot Episode) : Mallet

Snow White And The Seven Ugly Bastards : Horny : Live Stage Pantomime

Zombie Infection Court House : Zombie : Live Scare Actor

Theirs (Pilot Episode) : Mark

The Keeper : The Keeper/Satan ... 1st AD, Assistant Cameraman

Treading (Pilot Episode) : Nightclub Bouncer

Wolf Hunt : Wolf : Lead Role

How to Dispose Of Your Neighbour (HDYN) : Fred Northwood

Unspeakable Things : Fleece Cult Member

Wicked Games : The Entity/The Tax Collector : Lead Role

Case Files : Jason : a zombie victim

Cole : T the hired thug

The Birthday Card : Nick : Lead Role

Local Restaurants : Behind the Dishes : Kitchen extra


American Assassin : Street Beggar

Star Crossed : Bartender

Not So Super Anymore : Richard Head (The Almighty Astronaut) : Lead Role

Atithii In London : Coffin bearer supporting artist / Disapproving neighbour supporting artist

Atithii In London : Mourning extra / Coffin bearer supporting artist

Atithii In London : Airport extra

Atithii In London : Preying extra / Churchyard supporting artist

Five Hells For A Thief : Extra in Church Congregation

Answer Back - Shes into Rock N Roll : Crowd Extra

Ready Player One : Street Extra